Video Marketing Trends

Video Marketing Trends

What is the Video Marketing Trends? These are the types of videos which are currently most used and popular with the general public and businesses. 

Many individuals have sought out to find the answer to the all to popular question ‘Why is Video Marketing so popular?’.

The rise in Video Marketing Trend is becoming widely spread. Video Marketing is seen as the art to maximise on sharing content in a engaging and fast paced video. With Videos, it is easier to tell a story in a more connecting and emotional way instead of using Image based strategies.

Stats on Video Marketing Trends. Did you know:

  • 5 Billion videos are watched on Youtube
  • 1200% more shares are generated by social video than texts
  • 1/3 of all Internet Users are Youtubers
  • 100 Million hours of videos are watched on Facebook per day
  • 85% of people watch Video without sound.

The Era of ‘a picture can speak a thousand words’ has not followed the Video Marketing Trend of 2019. More and more consumers are drawn to popular functionalities and channels like YouTube. Could it be that, as technology makes it more accessible to watch high quality videos on your mobile device- the more consumers are drawn away from the TV and into their mobiles?

Maybe? Yes, No? What’s your opinion on this? (Comment below)

Top 5 Video marketing trends in 2019? 

1. Vlogging to become a paid Influencer

2. Live Video Streams

3. 360 Degree Videos

4. Video Display Ads

5. Social Media Cover photo updates

Our Stand-point
In the ancient days making videos can be an expensive affair if you wish to have a camera crew shooting and editing content for your promo, hence this may not be advised for the smaller businesses.

But with the new guerrilla marketing strategy, it has become super easy to make custom videos for your video marketing goal.

But what type of Video do I go for? Click on these different types of video marketing strategies to learn more…

  • Animation 2D
  • Intro Video Promotion
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Typography Animation
  • Picture Sideshow

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