5 steps to successful content marketing

5 steps to successful content marketing

A content creator is someone who can create “something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing or any of various arts”. In order to identify a content creator he/she must first understand the difference between content marketing and copy writing.

Content marketing = Using valuable content to attract and engage your target audience. For example: The content creator will use of different formats to communicate a message such as;

• Blog posts

• Videos

• Podcasts

• Social media

• PDF Guides

• Email newsletters

• Workshops

Copy writing = Using words to move people to take action. For example. In Google text ads, the content creator will write copy using words to divert traffic from Google search engine towards a desired destination ( Landing page or Website) clicca ora.

The different types of content marketing could be;

• Homepage

• Landing Pages

• Product pages

• Sales Pages

• Checkout Pages

• Email autoresponders

• Social media

• Alerts and error messages

In order for a content creator to be successful in achieving either one of these strategies for a successful content marketing plan, the first steps are to know your customers needs wants and desires.

Unless this has been clearly defined, the content writer will not successfully address the pain points, solutions or capture their interest.

At Market Forever we have a team of content creators, content marketeers and copywriters who follow 5 basic vital steps. The 5 vital steps we follow are in order to know your customer more ( KYC);

Step 1: Define your target audience

Step 2: Create a customer persona

Step 3: Create a empathy map

Step 4: Market Research

Step 5: Repeat Step 1-4 often

Want to learn more about KYC or would you like some help to go through in more details? Contact us now, we are always up for a KYC brainstorm.

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